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Files Show Governor Intervened With Court

When Gov. Joe Manchin III of West Virginia filed a friend-of-the-court brief in June arguing that the State Supreme Court should review a $382 million judgment against the DuPont Company, he said he was not taking sides, but acting in the interest of due… more »

Business Week Cover Story: Beyond The Green Corporation: January 29, 2007

... Embracing sustainability can help avert costly setbacks from environmental disasters, political protests, and human rights or workplace abuses—the kinds of debacles suffered by Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDS ) in Nigeria and Unocal in Burma. "Nobody h… more »

Make way for condos

The end is near for the former Revere Copper & Brass factory site on the Plymouth waterfront, and no one's complaining. Rather, town officials n weary from spending the last seven years trying to unload the polluted industrial property n are eager… more »

Keith costs run to $69.6M

The cost to build a new Keith Middle School has jumped to $69.6 million, up almost four million from estimates only last year and up almost $20 million from initial estimates four years ago. The largest issue driving up the cost of the school is the mass… more »