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A Hedonic Analysis of the Impact of LUST Sites on House Prices in Frederick, Baltimore, and Baltimore City Counties

Abstract: Petroleum from leaking underground storage tanks (LUSTs) can contaminate local soil, and surface and groundwater. In some cases this can pose health risks to the surrounding population. Focusing on single family home sales from 1996-2007 in thr… more »

Despite surging fuel costs, Americans keep hitting the road

Soaring fuel costs have so far failed to dampen US enthusiasm for hitting the road in summer. In fact, gasoline demand neared an all-time high around the weekend ahead of the July 4th Independence Day holiday, according to official data. Analysts s… more »

How a fill-up can be hazardous to your car's health

It cost Kim Boxley $20 for a half-tank of gas on Route 17 in Paramus two weeks ago, but that was just her first highway outrage. Moments later, only a few feet out of the Shell station, her Honda Accord gave outrage a whole new meaning. "The car jerke… more »

Federal Recipe for Gasoline Helped Drive Up the Price

Nine months after Congress passed major energy legislation, one provision affecting gasoline formulas is helping to drive the price of gas up much faster than the rising price of crude oil. And because the new gasoline recipe contains less energy, mil… more »