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Diesel trains may go green - EPA grant could cut pollution from two Glendale-bound locomotives

According to Joe Anuta at www.yournable.com : Glendale residents Abignew Marczak and his wife Barbara have complained about the pollution from trains in the neighborhood. Two antiquated diesel trains that belch out clouds of pollution as they hau… more »

Preliminary Stated-Preference Research on the Impact of LUST Sites on Property Values: Focus Group Results

Abstract: The purpose of this research effort is to examine the feasibility of designing a stated preference instrument to elicit the public’s willingness-to-pay (WTP) for remediation of leaking underground storage tank (LUST) sites (or perhaps preventio… more »

Integrated modeling of oil spill response strategies: a coastal management case study

Abstract: Oil spills are commonly considered as one of the worst forms of marine pollution. Often they constitute a challenge for an operational contingency management, since an oil spill contingency management encompasses multiple and often conflicting… more »

A socioeconomic and natural vulnerability index for oil spills in an Amazonian harbor: A case study using GIS and remote sensing

Abstract: The coastal zone of the Brazilian state of Maranhão is an area characterized by a large variety of human activities and services, in particular in the Itaqui-Bacanga port complex (IBC). The IBC is an area prone to oil spills resulting from the… more »