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Energy, environmental and economic comparison of different powertrain/fuel options using well-to-wheels assessment, energy and external costs – European market analysis

Abstract: The well-to-wheels assessment is widely used in the automotive sector to analyze the efficiency and competitiveness of different powertrain/fuel options. The paper proposes a global index that takes into account both the energy and environmenta… more »

Technical and environmental effects of concrete production: dry batch versus central mixed plant

Abstract: Current environmental and economical circumstances accelerate the developments of new concrete constituents. Whereas the process technology impacts the mix-design strategy, it seems obvious that manufacturing process is prone to evolutions. Thi… more »

EPA Sets Stronger National Air Quality Standard for Sulfur Dioxide First new SO2 standard in 40 years will improve air quality for millions

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is issuing a final new health standard for sulfur dioxide (SO2). This one-hour health standard will protect millions of Americans from short-term exposure to SO2, which is primarily emitted from power plants… more »

EPA Finalizes More Stringent Standards for Control of Emissions from New Marine Compression-Ignition Engines at or Above 30 Liters per Cylinder

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is adopting more stringent exhaust emission standards for large marine diesel engines as part of a coordinated strategy to address emissions from all ships that affect U.S. air quality.EPA’s coordinated… more »