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Diesel trains may go green - EPA grant could cut pollution from two Glendale-bound locomotives

According to Joe Anuta at www.yournable.com : Glendale residents Abignew Marczak and his wife Barbara have complained about the pollution from trains in the neighborhood. Two antiquated diesel trains that belch out clouds of pollution as they hau… more »

Well-Being index of super tall residential buildings in Korea

Abstract: Super tall residential buildings (STRBs) are regarded as good quality housing in Korea because of their high economic value as well as convenient facilities. However, the buildings still have many issues in terms of residents’ health and well-… more »

Evaluating the PM damage cost due to urban air pollution and vehicle emissions in Seoul, Korea

Purchase the full-text article Yong Jin Leea, b, Young Wook Lima, Ji Yeon Yanga, Chang Soo Kimb, Young Chul Shinc and Dong Chun Shina, b, Corresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The Corresponding Author a Institute for Environmental Resea… more »

Lead, Mortality, and Productivity

Abstract: This paper examines the effect of water-borne lead exposure on infant mortality in American cities over the period 1900-1920. Infants are highly sensitive to lead, and more broadly are a marker for current environmental conditions. The effects… more »