Category: Africa

Assessing sustainability, a comprehensive wealth accounting prospect: An application to Mozambique

Abstract: We estimate the wealth of Mozambique in 2000 and 2005 in order to assess the sustainability of its development path. Our methodology builds on Arrow et al. (2010). We show that Mozambican wealth increases through human and physical capital acc… more »

Residential consumers in the Cape Peninsula’s willingness to pay for premium priced green electricity

Abstract: A number of studies have explored the willingness (i.e. stated willingness as opposed to actual willingness) of consumers to pay a premium for green electricity in developed countries. However, little is known about how this translates into an… more »

Bringing the Tiger Back from the Brink—The Six Percent Solution

The Tiger Summit, to be hosted by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Russia in November 2010—the Chinese Year of the Tiger and the International Year of Biodiversity—promises to be the most significant meeting ever held to discuss the fate of a single non-… more »

Information from Markets Near and Far: Mobile Phones and Agricultural Markets in Niger

Abstract: Price dispersion across markets is common in developing countries. Using novel market and trader-level data, this paper provides estimates of the impact of mobile phones on price dispersion across grain markets in Niger. The introduction of mob… more »