Category: Latin America

Insights from Bolivia’s Green National Accounts

The purpose of the present paper is to demonstrate the usefulness of Green National Accounting by drawing out some interesting insights from the Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounts recently elaborated by the Institute for Advanced Development… more »

Redesign of a component based on ecodesign practices: environmental impact and cost reduction achievements

Abstract: This paper focuses on ecodesign and its application in the footwear industry aiming to identify how the ecodesign can be applied to the redesign of a shoe component in order to minimize the environmental impact and simultaneously reduce costs o… more »

Cost-Effective conservation in Peru: The value of apples and oranges.

This brief shows that having conservation data in different forms – economic apples and biological oranges, if you will – can lead to better conservation planning.Descending from the snow-capped heights of the Andes through the Kosñipata Valley, cros… more »

Cultural bias in contingent valuation of copper mining in the Commonwealth of Dominica

Abstract: Cultural bias in contingent valuation exists if groups within a population have a cultural predisposition toward answering “no” or “yes” to questions which causes the population estimate of the WTP to be underestimated or overestimated. This… more »