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Water conservation due to greywater treatment and reuse in urban setting with specific context to developing countries

Abstract: In India, the per capita water availability is reducing day by day due to rapid growth in population and increasing water demand. Greywater treatment and reuse is one of the feasible options in developing countries like India to overcome this… more »

The Value of Improved Public Services: An Application of the Choice Experiment Method to Estimate the Value of Improved Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure in India

In this paper Ekin Birol and Sukanya Das employ a stated preference environmental valuation technique, namely the choice experiment method, to estimate local public‟s willingness to pay (WTP) for improvements in the capacity and technology of a se… more »

Bringing the Tiger Back from the Brink—The Six Percent Solution

The Tiger Summit, to be hosted by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Russia in November 2010—the Chinese Year of the Tiger and the International Year of Biodiversity—promises to be the most significant meeting ever held to discuss the fate of a single non-… more »

Overcoming growing water scarcity: Exploring potential improvements in water productivity in India

Abstract: Improvements in water productivity (WP) are often suggested as one of the alternative strategies for overcoming growing water scarcity in India. This paper explores the potential improvements in WP of food grains at district level, which curren… more »