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Methods and tools for integrated assessment of land use policies on sustainable development in developing countries

Abstract: For stimulating sustainable development in developing countries, land use patterns and land use changes are considered critical, and therefore effective and efficient land use policies are needed. In this paper we present a methodological f… more »

Ecological benefits assessment and spatial modeling of urban ecosystem for controlling urban sprawl in Eastern Beijing, China

Abstract: Urban expansion as a complex dynamic process of land use change has interested many urban planners and researchers in its relationship to social, economic and ecological factors. How to design an ecological and economic urban form and structur… more »

Assessment of net ecosystem services of plastic greenhouse vegetable cultivation in China

Abstract: Plastic greenhouse vegetable cultivation is rapidly expanding in China and elsewhere worldwide. In order to comprehensively understand the impacts of plastic greenhouse vegetable cultivation on agricultural ecosystem services and dis-services,… more »

Changes in ecosystem service values in Zoige Plateau, China

Abstract: Climate change and human activities in high-altitude, cold pasture areas with fragile environments can cause land use changes that significantly affect ecosystem services and functions. Our study investigated changes in ecosystem services in r… more »