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Valuing Beach Closures on the Padre Island National Seashore

Abstract: George R. Parsons, Ami K. Kang, Christopher G. Leggett, and Kevin J. Boyle estimate the economic loss due to hypothetical beach closures on the Padre Island National Seashore on the Gulf Coast of Texas. They consider the closure of the entire p… more »

Compensatory Restoration in a Random Utility Model of Recreation Demand

Abstract: Natural Resource Damage Assessment cases often call for compensation in non-monetary or restoration equivalent terms. In this article, we present an approach that uses a conventional economic model, a travel cost random utility model of site ch… more »

The Economic Value of Protecting Inventoried Roadless Areas: A Spatial Hedonic Price Study in New Mexico

The objective of this paper is to examine the off-site benefits, as capitalized into housing values, of protecting 1.6 million acres of Inventoried Roadless Areas (IRAs) in the state of New Mexico, United States. In light of petitions filed by various U.… more »

Association between Sub-Standard Classroom Ventilation Rates and Students’ Academic Achievement

Abstract: This study focuses on the relationship between classroom ventilation rates and academic achievement. One hundred elementary schools of two school districts in the southwest US were included in the study. Ventilation rates were estimated from fi… more »