Category: New York City

Diesel trains may go green - EPA grant could cut pollution from two Glendale-bound locomotives

According to Joe Anuta at www.yournable.com : Glendale residents Abignew Marczak and his wife Barbara have complained about the pollution from trains in the neighborhood. Two antiquated diesel trains that belch out clouds of pollution as they hau… more »

Pay-as-you-drive insurance revs up

According to Jeremy Olshan writing in the December 28, 2010 New York Post: Car insurance could be sold by the mile under a plan the Bloomberg administration is floating to get more cars off the Big Apple's traffic-clogged streets. With "pay as yo… more »

Painting the City White: Over a Million Square Feet of White Roofs

According to Christine Black of WNYC radio: ... The CoolRoofs program painted its millionth square foot of white roof on top of a housing project in the Bronx [in October] .... CoolRoofs is one of several programs that is painting black roofs whit… more »

Bedbugs Bad for Business? Depends on the Business

According to Kate Murphy writing in the September 7, 2010 New York Times: Recent reports that bedbugs have infiltrated office buildings, movie theaters and stores in New York did not come as a surprise to Wes Tyler, general manager of the Chancellor H… more »