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Coming soon: Parking rates that go up at busiest times

According to Mike Lindblom writing in the December 30, 2010 Seattle Times: Until now, Seattle ... parking fees [were] relatively inexpensive and straightforward. But one of city government's New Year's resolutions is to embark on a new age of market… more »

Distributional impacts of changing from a gasoline tax to a vehicle-mile tax for light vehicles: A case study of Oregon

Abstract: A vehicle-miles traveled (VMT) tax is frequently mentioned as viable alternative to a fuel tax for collecting highway users fees from light vehicles. Both a static model and a regression based model are used here to assess the distributional im… more »

Green Survey: Huge Green Construction Support Continues Despite Recession -- Energy Savings is Number One Reason for Building Green - Respondents Weigh in on Green Construction Risks and Costs

Fourth Annual Green Building Survey by Allen Matkins, Constructive Technologies Group (CTG) and the Green Building Insider reveals surprising results regarding green construction. The Green Building Survey, completed by more than 1,600 design and constr… more »

Estimating the Demand for Tree Canopy: A Second-Stage Hedonic Price Analysis in Portland, Oregon

Abstract: The benefits of large patches of tree canopy are estimated by applying a hedonic price model to the sale of single-family residential properties in Portland, Oregon. The first-stage analysis provides evidence of diminishing returns from increas… more »