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Are Building Codes Effective at Saving Energy? Evidence from Residential Billing Data in Florida

Abstract: In response to the 1973 oil embargo, many states began passing building energy codes in order to promote energy efficiency. While the vast majority of states have energy codes in place, policymakers are now attempting to legislate energy codes… more »

Successful 60-Hertz market entry with order for new Siemens “world-record” gas turbine: Six gas turbines to start operation in U.S. – Nearly $1 billion in customer benefits

After a nearly ten-year development phase, Siemens has entered the market with its new generation of extremely energy-efficient gas turbines, the so-called H-Class. A leading U.S. utility is the first commercial customer. Starting in 2013, no fewer than… more »

Proposed Wind Power Grid To Make Offshore Wind Power More Reliable

The energy needs of the entire human population could potentially be met by converting wind energy to electricity by means of wind turbines. While offshore wind power resources are abundant, wind turbines are currently unable to provide steady power due… more »

The Spatial Extent of Water Quality Benefits in Urban Housing Markets

Abstract: Federal efforts are increasingly targeting surface water quality in urban watersheds throughout the U.S., as demonstrated by recent litigation between the EPA and the State of Florida. While the cost of achieving federal standards is ultimate… more »