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The Center for Urban Forest Research (CUFR) of the U.S. Forest Service "Tree Guides" and i-Tree Streets Software Calculating Benefits from Trees Throughout the World

The Center for Urban Forest Research (CUFR) of the U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station publishes "Tree Guides" which are used by communities to calculate future benefits from proposed and existing tree planting projects. They also pre… more »

Valuing the benefits of the urban forest: a spatial hedonic approach

Abstract: This paper measures the benefits of the urban forest by examining its effect on housing prices. A Geographic Information System is used to develop a measure of the urban forest, the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index, from satellite imagery… more »

Place-Specific Benefits of Great Lakes Restoration

Previously, “Healthy Waters, Strong Economy: The Benefits of Restoring the Great Lakes Ecosystem", provided a benefit-cost analysis of a major infrastructure program to improve water quality in and around the Great Lakes: the federal-state Great Lakes Re… more »

Black Beauty Coal Co. to create new wetlands in Indiana as part of settlement with EPA

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 has reached an agreement with Black Beauty Coal Co., Evansville, Ind., and with its subsidiary Arclar Co., Equality, Ill., for filling in streams and wetlands without a permit while mining in Indiana and… more »