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The Impact of Climate Change on Household Welfare

Abstract: This paper uses hedonic methods and variation in wages and housing costs to estimate households’ valuation of climate amenities. We find that, on the margin, household are willing to pay more to reduce extreme heat than to reduce extreme cold.… more »

Taylorville Energy Center Receives Largest Ever Federal Tax Credit: $417 Million

Tenaska, managing partner for the Taylorville Energy Center (TEC), announced on July 27, 200 that the project has been awarded a $417 million investment tax credit—believed to be the largest ever granted to a single project—under a program jointly admini… more »

Federal Transportation Bill Should Clean Up Dirtiest, Fastest Growing Transportation Sector: Freight - Report Highlights Clean Freight Innovations Congress Could Fund to Improve Reliability, Reduce Freight-related Health Risks

[The Environmental Defense Fund calls on Congress to] include comprehensive funding policies ... in the upcoming transportation reauthorization bill to both modernize freight transportation and clean it up by favoring innovations like those highlighted i… more »

Location, Location, Location Efficiency: Can Smart Growth Help Beat the Mortgage Crisis? - New Report Highlights "Location Efficiency" as Predictor of Mortgage Default

As the American economy continues to be dragged down by the mortgage crisis, a new report shows a direct link between the transportation costs associated with a given neighborhood or community and its foreclosure rate, according to experts at the Natural… more »