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Builders In Ohio Resist Stricter Building Codes - The HBA asserts that the adoption of the latest energy standards could raise home prices by $2,500.

According to John Caulfield writing in the January 3, 201 Builder Magazine: The enforcement of tougher energy codes that would make new houses more expensive is fast becoming a battlefield for builders in several states that are still reeling from… more »

Economic and environmental analysis of standard, high efficiency, rainwater flushed, and composting toilets

Abstract: The current sanitation technology in developed countries is based on diluting human excreta with large volumes of centrally provided potable water. This approach is a poor use of water resources and is also inefficient, expensive, and energy i… more »

A Test of Proximity as a Proxy for Environmental Exposure in Hedonic Models

Abstract: This paper draws on a conjoint choice experiment conducted in parallel with a hedonic property value study to test specific hypotheses about the convergence of distance-based and stated-preference-based measures of economic impact. Distance to… more »

The Impact of Climate Change on Household Welfare

Abstract: This paper uses hedonic methods and variation in wages and housing costs to estimate households’ valuation of climate amenities. We find that, on the margin, household are willing to pay more to reduce extreme heat than to reduce extreme cold.… more »