Category: Australia, New Zealand

The Value of Inherent Soil Characteristics: A Hedonic Analysis

Abstract: In an attempt to value soil natural capital, we use the inherent characteristics of soil and land valuation data to examine the relationship between soil characteristics and rural farmland values in the 6000ks2 Manawatu catchment in New Zealan… more »

Saving the Southern Murray-Darling Basin: The Economic Effects of a Buyback of Irrigation Water†

Abstract: We use TERM-H2O in analysing the effects of the Government buying back water from irrigators in the Southern Murray-Darling Basin (SMDB) and thereby increasing river flows. TERM-H2O is a dynamic multiregional computable general equilibrium mod… more »

The Success and Failure of An Inconvenient Truth and the Stern Report in Influencing Australian Public Support for Greenhouse Policy

Abstract: Longitudinal surveys were used to identify the effect of increased media climate change reporting because of An Inconvenient Truth, the Stern Report and drought. Results suggest that this was a catalyst for decreased support for policy action… more »

World Heritage Listing of Australian Natural Sites: Effects on Tourism, Economic Value and Conservation

Abstract: This article is primarily concerned with the economic consequences of World Heritage listing for the valuation of natural properties and the economic impacts of this listing. Australian data is used to throw light on this subject. Conceptual pr… more »