Category: Sprawl & Smart Growth

Urban Road Transportation Externalities: Costs and Choice of Policy Instruments

Abstract: Urban transportation externalities are a key development challenge. Based on the existing literature, the authors illustrate the magnitudes of various external costs, review response policies, and measure and discuss their selection, particula… more »

Ecological benefits assessment and spatial modeling of urban ecosystem for controlling urban sprawl in Eastern Beijing, China

Abstract: Urban expansion as a complex dynamic process of land use change has interested many urban planners and researchers in its relationship to social, economic and ecological factors. How to design an ecological and economic urban form and structur… more »

New Report Finds Urban Growth Strategies Provide Economic Benefits and Improve Quality of Life - “Growing Wealthier” Report Examines How Smart Growth Can Enhance Prosperity

Efficient urban planning – known as smart growth development – enhances community prosperity and generates economic benefits for local businesses, households and governments, according to a new report published January 19, 2011 by the Center for Clean A… more »

San Francisco Mobility, Access, and Pricing Study

On December 14, the San Francisco Transportation Authority Board unanimously approved the Mobility, Access and Pricing Study (MAPS) Final Report, and voted 8-3 in favor of pursuing additional study of the concept, excluding the Southern Gateway scenario… more »