Category: Endangered Species

Bioeconomic Modeling of Wetlands and Waterfowl in Western Canada: Accounting for Amenity Values

Abstract: This study reexamines and updates an original bioeconomic model of optimal duck harvest and wetland retention by Hammack and Brown (1974, Waterfowl and Wetlands: Toward Bioeconomic Analysis. Washington, DC: Resources for the Future). It then e… more »

Nagoya 2010: Hardwiring biodiversity and ecosystem services into finance - How Financial Institutions Are Seeing the Threats and Moving Towards Managing Them

From banks to insurance companies, some key financial institutions are beginning to recognize rising risks to investments from biodiversity and ecosystems loss. Over the past 12 months, the likelihood that declines in biodiversity will have a 'severe',… more »

The policy challenges of tradable credits: A critical review of eight markets

Abstract: This article offers a critical review of eight tradable permit markets: water permits at Fox River, Wisconsin; the U.S. leaded gasoline phase-out; sulfur dioxide credits under the U.S. Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990; the Regional Clean Air I… more »

Net economic effects of achieving maximum economic yield in fisheries

Abstract: Improving the economic performance of fisheries is becoming increasingly important in fisheries management, and in some cases, maximum economic yield (MEY) is set as a key management target. However, recent critics of MEY as a management targe… more »