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Valuing lagoons using a meta-analytical approach: methodological and practical issues

Abstract: Lagoons are naturally complex ecosystems whose dynamics are strongly influenced by anthropic factors. Therefore, their value depends not only on their characteristics but also on the nature of the interactions, whether positive or negative, be… more »

World Heritage Listing of Australian Natural Sites: Effects on Tourism, Economic Value and Conservation

Abstract: This article is primarily concerned with the economic consequences of World Heritage listing for the valuation of natural properties and the economic impacts of this listing. Australian data is used to throw light on this subject. Conceptual pr… more »

Valuing Beach Closures on the Padre Island National Seashore

Abstract: George R. Parsons, Ami K. Kang, Christopher G. Leggett, and Kevin J. Boyle estimate the economic loss due to hypothetical beach closures on the Padre Island National Seashore on the Gulf Coast of Texas. They consider the closure of the entire p… more »

New Book: Preference Data for Environmental Valuation - Combining Revealed and Stated Approaches

Description:The monetary valuation of environmental goods and services has evolved from a fringe field of study in the late 1970s and early 1980s to a primary focus of environmental economists over the past decade. Despite its rapid growth, practitione… more »