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Economic benefits tied to ecodesign

Abstract: This paper reports results of an empirical study conducted to assess the profitability of ecodesigned products. Indeed, the advantages related to ecodesign are numerous according to the literature on the subject. Not only is it considered t… more »

Improving the recreational value of Ireland's coastal resources: A contingent behavioural application

Abstract: This paper measures willingness to pay (WTP) for public access to additional beach area and trail improvements to a coastal recreational site in the west of Ireland. The Contingent Behaviour model is used to measure the increased number of tri… more »

A Reverse Auction for Wetland Restoration in the Assiniboine River Watershed, Saskatchewan

Abstract: Wetland habitat continues to be lost in many watersheds across Canada and new program tools are needed to help restore drained wetlands. We used a reverse auction to restore drained wetlands in the Assiniboine River Watershed (ARW) of east-cen… more »

The Economic Benefits of Wetland Retention and Restoration in Manitoba

Abstract: This study examines the willingness to pay of Manitobans for wetland retention and restoration using stated preference methods applied to a sample of 1,980 respondents from the provincial population. The approach employed an iterated series of… more »