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Estimating the Social Cost of Non-CO2 GHG Emissions: Methane and Nitrous Oxide

Abstract: Many estimates of the social cost of CO2 emissions (SCCO2) can be found in the climate economics literature. However, to date far fewer estimates of the social costs of other greenhouse gases have been published, and many of those that are ava… more »

Urban Road Transportation Externalities: Costs and Choice of Policy Instruments

Abstract: Urban transportation externalities are a key development challenge. Based on the existing literature, the authors illustrate the magnitudes of various external costs, review response policies, and measure and discuss their selection, particula… more »

The Value of Inherent Soil Characteristics: A Hedonic Analysis

Abstract: In an attempt to value soil natural capital, we use the inherent characteristics of soil and land valuation data to examine the relationship between soil characteristics and rural farmland values in the 6000ks2 Manawatu catchment in New Zealan… more »

Climate and Individual Well-being

This paper investigates the influence of climate on well-being. While previous studies have compared the well-being of people living in different regions, this study focuses on individuals in one location. It is based on the daily data of 75 students fo… more »