Category: Cost-Benefit Analysis

Biofuel policies and the environment: Do climate benefits warrant increased production from biofuel feedstocks?

Abstract: We examine whether climate benefits warrant policies promoting biofuel production from agricultural crops when other environmental impacts are accounted for. We develop a general economic–ecological modelling framework for integrated analysis… more »

Understanding the Costs and Benefits of Deepwater Oil Drilling Regulation

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to provide a conceptual framework for understanding how analysis of costs and benefits might be incorporated into an assessment of regulatory policies affecting deepwater drilling. We begin by providing a framework… more »

U.S. wind energy industry finishes 2010 with half the installations of 2009, activity up in 2011, now cost-competitive with natural gas - Industry weathers latest boom-bust cycle as utilities move to lock in more wind power at favorable long-term rates

America's wind industry built 5,115 megawatts of wind power last year, barely half of 2009's record pace, but entered 2011 with over 5,600 megawatts currently under construction - and with wind cost-competitive with natural gas for new electric generati… more »

Rising Heating Oil Costs Result in Record Savings with Wood Pellets

This January, Popular Mechanics introduced “the high tech, carbon-neutral alternative fuel of the future” - wood. Providing environmental and economic benefits, and a level of convenience unmatched by traditional wood stoves, over a million US homes now… more »