Category: Socio-Political-Cognitive-Economics

Assessment of waste management technology using BATNEEC options, technology quality method and multi-criteria analysis

Abstract: Best Available Techniques Not Entailing Excessive Costs (BATNEEC) options, technology quality method and multi-criteria analysis were proposed as means of developing indices for evaluating municipal waste management systems. The proposed indic… more »

Urban Road Transportation Externalities: Costs and Choice of Policy Instruments

Abstract: Urban transportation externalities are a key development challenge. Based on the existing literature, the authors illustrate the magnitudes of various external costs, review response policies, and measure and discuss their selection, particula… more »

No Direct Military Benefit from Use of Alternative Fuels by Armed Forces

If the U.S. military increases its use of alternative fuels, there will be no direct benefit to the nation's armed forces, according to a new RAND Corporation study. Any benefits from investment in alternative fuels by the U.S. Department of Defen… more »

Six Distributional Effects of Environmental Policy

Abstract: While prior literature has identified various effects of environmental policy, this note uses the example of a proposed carbon permit system to illustrate and discuss six different types of distributional effects: (1) higher prices of carbon-i… more »