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Study: NOAA’s proposed fines risk over-fishing - Report defines economic formula for deterring marine-life destruction

Anyone who has pet an elephant seal or harvested a haul of under-sized snapper might already know these actions can trigger hefty fines from the U.S. government. Threatening certain kinds of protected marine life causes serious environmental risks a… more »

Urban Water Restrictions: Attitudes and Avoidance

Abstract: In most urban cities across Australia, water restrictions remain the dominant policy mechanism to restrict urban water consumption. The extensive adoption of water restrictions over several years means that Australian urban water prices have co… more »

ASHRAE Technology Awards Highlighted Outstanding Building Projects

First place recipients of the ASHRAE Technology Awards were recognized at the Society’s 2010 Winter Conference, held in January.... The following are summaries of the winning projects.The Terry Thomas; Michael Hedrick, Thomas Marseille, P.E. and Long… more »

Turning the Tide on Falling Fish Stocks - UNEP-Led Green Economy Charts Sustainable Investment Path - Preview Report Also Spotlights Opportunities for Transforming Water and Transport Sectors as Governments Meet for Rio+20 Preparatory Committee

Investing around US$8 billion a year in rebuilding and greening the world's fisheries could raise catches to 112 million tonnes annually while triggering benefits to industry, consumers and the global economy totalling US$1.7 trillion over the next 40 ye… more »