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Gregoire's ambitious plan to clean Sound: $42 million spending boost proposed

Hoping to rocket the restoration of Puget Sound into national prominence, Gov. Christine Gregoire announced Monday the most ambitious plan to date to clean up toxic dumps around the Sound, prevent oil spills and take other actions to revive the ailing in… more »

Plans to cut farm fertiliser pollution

Farmers will be trained to reduce the pollution caused by fertilisers and other agricultural products running off their land under plans from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Treating the pollution from agricultural run-off is expe… more »

Illegal Dumping Earns Shipper Record Fine

A record fine was levied against a Hong Kong shipping company Monday after officials said they deliberately dumped oil-contaminated sludge into the Atlantic Ocean during a five-month period. NewsCenter 5'd Kelley Tuthill reported that MSC Ship Managem… more »

Gas prices may surge on 2006 green rules: Strict regulations could impact pump costs by 60 cents, industry expert says

U.S. consumers recovering from record high gasoline costs last summer may now face a nearly 60-cent price surge next year because of stricter environmental regulations, an industry expert said. The introduction of lower sulfur requirements for gasolin… more »