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Snow-melting road technology in the works

... Solar roads that melt snow and ice seem less like a far-fetched pipe dream and more like an obvious investment. Engineers on opposite sides of the country are working to make that happen. Solar Roadways in Boise, Idaho, received a contract fro… more »

Dead Man Swimming? UK Crematorium to Heat Local Swimming Pool

... The Redditch [UK] Council wants to warm its Abbey Stadium Sports Centre, including its swimming pool, with renewable energy from its neighboring crematorium. By the transfer of heat from the crematorium’s incinerators to a system that would warm… more »

Can Solar Farms Get Energy Storage for Free? - Xtreme Power says its battery packs can do double time as grid balancing assets.

According to Michael Kanellos writing on January 24, 2011: The company has created a battery-based storage system for wind farms and solar parks that can also provide grid balancing services, according to CEO Carlos Coe.... Using Xtreme's systems… more »

After cutting value of life, EPA ditching the term

... The government uses dollar amounts for lives when trying to weigh the costs and benefits of regulating such things as pollution, but it has proven politically and emotionally charged. Now, the Environmental Protection Agency wants to ... us… more »