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Snow-melting road technology in the works

... Solar roads that melt snow and ice seem less like a far-fetched pipe dream and more like an obvious investment. Engineers on opposite sides of the country are working to make that happen. Solar Roadways in Boise, Idaho, received a contract fro… more »

Implicit amenity prices and the location of retirees in England and Wales

Abstract: General equilibrium models in which compensation for local amenities occurs in both housing and labour markets have been widely used to generate implicit amenity prices and regional quality of life indices. An implication and prospective test o… more »

Trends in Rainfall and Economic Growth in Africa: A Neglected Cause of the African Growth Tragedy

Abstract: Salvador Barrios 1, Luisito Bertinelli and Eric Strobl examine the role of rainfall trends in poor growth performance of sub-Saharan African nations relative to other developing countries, using a new cross-country panel climatic data set in an… more »

The Supply Side Effects of Climate Change on Tourism

Abstract: Assuming nothing is done to address greenhouse gas emissions, sea levels across the world are anticipated to rise by between 0.2m and 1m over this century. Higher sea levels can be particularly devastating to small states. It is expected that r… more »