Category: Floods

Kansas City, Mo., to Spend $2.5 Billion to Cut Sewer Overflows

May 18, 2010) - The City of Kansas City, Mo., has agreed to make extensive improvements to its sewer systems, at a cost estimated to exceed $2.5 billion over 25 years, to eliminate unauthorized overflows of untreated raw sewage and to reduce pollution le… more »

Americans too confident in flood, hurricane preparedness - America THINKS survey from HNTB prompts call for education, funding and collaboration

While a new America THINKS survey from HNTB Corporation shows six in ten (60 percent) Americans believe their area is prepared to deal with the potential damage from an extreme storm, hurricane or extensive flooding, events this spring have shown otherwi… more »

An economic assessment of the impacts of the MOSE barriers on Venice port activities

Abstract: To protect Venice from flooding, a number of protective measures have been adopted, including a system of mobile barriers known as MOSE. These separate the lagoon from the surges in the Adriatic Sea but interfere with shipping and on port activ… more »

Hydro-Economic Modeling of Climate Change Impacts in Ethiopia

Abstract: Ethiopia is susceptible to frequent climate extremes such as disastrous droughts and floods. These disastrous climatic events, which have caused significant adverse effects on the country’s economy and society, are expected to become more prono… more »