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Snow-melting road technology in the works

... Solar roads that melt snow and ice seem less like a far-fetched pipe dream and more like an obvious investment. Engineers on opposite sides of the country are working to make that happen. Solar Roadways in Boise, Idaho, received a contract fro… more »

New Guide Helps Municipalities Monetize the Value of Green Infrastructure

Quantifying the economic value of green infrastructure’s benefits is the key to helping municipalities adopt this innovative and cost-effective stormwater management approach, according to a new report by the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) and… more »

Saving the Southern Murray-Darling Basin: The Economic Effects of a Buyback of Irrigation Water†

Abstract: We use TERM-H2O in analysing the effects of the Government buying back water from irrigators in the Southern Murray-Darling Basin (SMDB) and thereby increasing river flows. TERM-H2O is a dynamic multiregional computable general equilibrium mod… more »

Financial protection of the state against natural disasters: a primer

Summary: This paper has been prepared for policy makers interested in establishing or strengthening financial strategies to increase the financial response capacity of governments of developing countries in the aftermath of natural disasters, while prot… more »