Category: Ecosystem Valuation

Application of a value-based equivalency method to assess environmental damage compensation under the European Environmental Liability Directive

Abstract: The Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) establishes a framework of liability based on the ‘polluter-pays’ principle to prevent and remedy environmental damage. The ELD requires the testing of appropriate equivalency methods to assess the s… more »

Bioeconomic Modeling of Wetlands and Waterfowl in Western Canada: Accounting for Amenity Values

Abstract: This study reexamines and updates an original bioeconomic model of optimal duck harvest and wetland retention by Hammack and Brown (1974, Waterfowl and Wetlands: Toward Bioeconomic Analysis. Washington, DC: Resources for the Future). It then e… more »

Ecological benefits assessment and spatial modeling of urban ecosystem for controlling urban sprawl in Eastern Beijing, China

Abstract: Urban expansion as a complex dynamic process of land use change has interested many urban planners and researchers in its relationship to social, economic and ecological factors. How to design an ecological and economic urban form and structur… more »

Nagoya 2010: Hardwiring biodiversity and ecosystem services into finance - How Financial Institutions Are Seeing the Threats and Moving Towards Managing Them

From banks to insurance companies, some key financial institutions are beginning to recognize rising risks to investments from biodiversity and ecosystems loss. Over the past 12 months, the likelihood that declines in biodiversity will have a 'severe',… more »