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Cost Benefit News covers legal, academic, and regulatory developments pertaining to the valuation of environmental amenities and disamenities, such as clean air, trees, parks, congestion, and noise. We apprise the reader about ways in which costs and benefits are measured, and the results of empirical studies. We hope that this information will allow public and private organizations to comprehend the risks and benefits of various actions, help disputants to resolve conflicts equitably and efficiently, and improve the quality of public policies. We will only discuss issues related to the empirical quantification of private and social costs and benefits and damages, and summarize information from daily newspapers, academic journals, legal publications, court decisions, professional newsletters commissioned studies, and on-line services. This newsletter is dedicated to the principal that all policies place values upon life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We believe that more information, explicit specification of assumptions, and rigorous analysis can help our society to better meet these ends. This site will increasingly serve, in conjunction with others, as a valuation database. We will include a wide range of studies, including non-environmental reports, because omission of a factor effectively values it at zero, and biases decisions.


Recent Posts

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  • Adding advanced behavioural models in whole building energy simulation: A study on the total energy impact of manual and automated lighting control
  • Hatchery programs, stock enhancement, and cost effectiveness: A case study of the Albemarle Sound/Roanoke River stocking program 1981–1996
  • Economic deregulation and transport safety: A synthesis of evidence from evaluation studies
  • Go green without going into the red
  • Juror says panel was bullied into Rocky Flats verdict
  • Port Authority gets $400,000 to clean up Richards-Gebaur site
  • Unearth Justice: Counting the cost of gold: Gold: not so pure as it seems: A report on the impacts of gold mining in developing countries, with case studies from Honduras and the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Disposable nappies: a looming environmental threat?


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