Category: Lead

Lead, Mortality, and Productivity

Abstract: This paper examines the effect of water-borne lead exposure on infant mortality in American cities over the period 1900-1920. Infants are highly sensitive to lead, and more broadly are a marker for current environmental conditions. The effects… more »

EPA seeks public comment on Laufen International clean up plan

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 has issued a proposed cleanup plan for the Laufen International facility at 10233 Sandyville Road S.E., in East Sparta, Ohio. The public is invited to provide written comments on the plan until June 1. The… more »

Files Show Governor Intervened With Court

When Gov. Joe Manchin III of West Virginia filed a friend-of-the-court brief in June arguing that the State Supreme Court should review a $382 million judgment against the DuPont Company, he said he was not taking sides, but acting in the interest of due… more »

Environmental Policy as Social Policy? The Impact of Childhood Lead Exposure on Crime

Abstract: Childhood lead exposure can lead to psychological traits that are strongly associated with aggressive and criminal behavior. In the late 1970s in the United States, lead was removed from gasoline under the Clean Air Act. I use the state-specifi… more »