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Diesel trains may go green - EPA grant could cut pollution from two Glendale-bound locomotives

According to Joe Anuta at www.yournable.com : Glendale residents Abignew Marczak and his wife Barbara have complained about the pollution from trains in the neighborhood. Two antiquated diesel trains that belch out clouds of pollution as they hau… more »

Evaluating the PM damage cost due to urban air pollution and vehicle emissions in Seoul, Korea

Purchase the full-text article Yong Jin Leea, b, Young Wook Lima, Ji Yeon Yanga, Chang Soo Kimb, Young Chul Shinc and Dong Chun Shina, b, Corresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The Corresponding Author a Institute for Environmental Resea… more »

On the use of expert judgment to characterize uncertainties in the health benefits of regulatory controls of particulate matter

Abstract: Health benefits assessment is an analytic tool used extensively by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in characterizing the costs and benefits of air quality regulations. In a 2002 review of EPA methods, the U.S. National Research C… more »

Energy, environmental and economic comparison of different powertrain/fuel options using well-to-wheels assessment, energy and external costs – European market analysis

Abstract: The well-to-wheels assessment is widely used in the automotive sector to analyze the efficiency and competitiveness of different powertrain/fuel options. The paper proposes a global index that takes into account both the energy and environmenta… more »