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A LONG, POISONOUS WAIT: As dioxin spreads through state waterways, the DEP accuses two firms of intentionally avoiding a long-mandated cleanup

In 1992, a New Jersey appellate court handed down a famously scathing opinion. For almost two decades ending in 1969, a three-judge panel found, the Diamond Shamrock Chemicals Co. had polluted the Passaic River, illegally and intentionally. "Diamon… more »

A fix for fireworks disposal: Special effects firm will assist state with explosive issue

The man who helped make "Star Wars" flare and "Ghostbusters" glow has agreed to work off a hazardous waste penalty by developing a new way for the state to destroy tons of seized fireworks. State fire officials, who sought the penalty over improper di… more »

Spolana plant starts dioxin liquidation

Mlada Boleslav/Neratovice-Intensive works on the liquidation of dioxins and other dangerous substances from the worst-contaminated part of the Spolana chemical plant started today, the companies working on the liquidation told. The contamination level… more »

Is it safe to eat salmon?

Is eating salmon good or bad for you? Science can't seem to decide. A new report from U.S. researchers concludes that, for most people, the potential cancer risks of eating salmon containing toxic chemicals outweigh the benefits gained from also consu… more »