Category: Wetlands

A Reverse Auction for Wetland Restoration in the Assiniboine River Watershed, Saskatchewan

Abstract: Wetland habitat continues to be lost in many watersheds across Canada and new program tools are needed to help restore drained wetlands. We used a reverse auction to restore drained wetlands in the Assiniboine River Watershed (ARW) of east-cen… more »

The Economic Benefits of Wetland Retention and Restoration in Manitoba

Abstract: This study examines the willingness to pay of Manitobans for wetland retention and restoration using stated preference methods applied to a sample of 1,980 respondents from the provincial population. The approach employed an iterated series of… more »

Bioeconomic Modeling of Wetlands and Waterfowl in Western Canada: Accounting for Amenity Values

Abstract: This study reexamines and updates an original bioeconomic model of optimal duck harvest and wetland retention by Hammack and Brown (1974, Waterfowl and Wetlands: Toward Bioeconomic Analysis. Washington, DC: Resources for the Future). It then e… more »

A survey of entrepreneurial risk in U.S. wetland and stream compensatory mitigation markets

Abstract: Internationally, ecosystem service markets are emerging as a way to reduce the negative effects of agriculture, industry and urbanization. In the USA, the compensatory mitigation industry, particularly entrepreneurial mitigation banking, accou… more »