Category: Invasive Species

Predicting the economic costs and property value losses attributed to sudden oak death damage in California (2010–2020)

Abstract: Phytophthora ramorum, cause of sudden oak death, is a quarantined, non-native, invasive forest pathogen resulting in substantial mortality in coastal live oak (Quercus agrifolia) and several other related tree species on the Pacific Coast of t… more »

To restore or not? A valuation of social and ecological functions of the Marais des Baux wetland in Southern France

Abstract: The Marais des Baux wetland in southern France has for centuries been subject to drainage, almost causing its entire disappearance. With an increasing awareness of wetland ecosystem services, the extensive drainage is being questioned today.… more »

Bedbugs Bad for Business? Depends on the Business

According to Kate Murphy writing in the September 7, 2010 New York Times: Recent reports that bedbugs have infiltrated office buildings, movie theaters and stores in New York did not come as a surprise to Wes Tyler, general manager of the Chancellor H… more »

Valuing algal bloom in the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria: A choice experiments approach

Abstract: Increased interest in water quality in coastal and marine areas stemming from the Water Framework Directive and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive has led to important questions in relation to policies that address nutrient loadings. This… more »